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NPA stands for Networks and Performance Analysis. The NPA research group belongs to the RSR department of LIP6.

Research at the Networks and Performance Analysis group focuses on the Internet of the future. Our vision is of an autonomous, reliable, high-performance, and secure pervasive network. The Internet is moving into the realm of embedded systems and mobile access, leading towards an environment in which automatic configuration will be necessary for the management of groups that are dynamic both in space and in time.

Communication protocols will need to adapt to the physical limitations of heterogeneous end-systems and to the ambient conditions in which those systems find themselves. They will need to permit flexibility in the manner in which such systems connect to the Internet, choosing access networks based upon such varied parameters as bandwidth, link quality, and electrical consumption. They will need to address the problem of very large scales, both for routing, and for access to content (such as in peer-to-peer systems). And they will need to do so while providing high availability and security.

The details of such protocols, and even their architectural principles, remain open research questions that are under active study in our group.