Global Internet Governance - Actors, Regulations, Transactions and Strategies

Partnership Relevance

Relevance of the GIG-ARTS network scientific competence and experience

GIG-ARTS members are experts in global Internet governance research, researching it through different research topics and angles, making almost all Internet governance related issues addressed by the network. As their publications and other productions show, in addition to their respective reputations in the field, they count among the most renowned researchers on global Internet governance, producing state-of-the-art scientific analyses in the field, particularly on the scientific set of questions the targeted H2020 project will address, namely: Actors, Regulations, Transactions and Strategies in global Internet governance processes. Space does not allow the inclusion in this document of a comprehensive list of references relevant to the GIG-ARTS proposal. However, the publications list of all GIG-ARTS partners (available through their websites provided above) already covers a great deal of scientific productions on the topic, almost their entirety if we considered authors they are themselves citing. The choice was thus made not to provide any reference in this project proposal document, as this would have been necessarily incomplete and not even reflecting the whole range of issues this proposal intends to address.
In addition, most of the GIG-ARTS partners have been working on or are actively engaged in regional or global Internet governance policymaking processes and arenas, such as the UN Internet governance Forum and similar settings. Many GIG-ARTS network members works and/or have long established professional relationships with most of the concerned intergovernmental organisations, such as the OECD, the Council of Europe, the UNESCO, the ITU, the WTO, the WIPO and, of course, relevant European Union bodies (including regulatory agencies) and own national government agencies and regulators. Relationships with civil society and Internet technical organisations is also common among partners, some of them being involved in the works of such organisations and a number of them working on related issues.
Finally, as their respective biographical information show, most of the GIG-ARTS Network members serve or have served in major scholarly associations and editorial boards of academic journals relevant to the targeted work according to its stated objectives, both scientific and organisational.