SHAMAN (Self-organizing and Healing Architectures for Malicious and Adversarial Networks) is an ANR VERSO Project (2009-2012).

SHAMAN focuses on the algorithmic foundations of resource-constrained autonomous large scale systems, dedicated to enabling the sustainability of network functions in spite of abrupt system evolutions, component failures, and attacks. We foresee original solutions in the general frameworks of self-stabilization, failure detection, and robust protocols. Our first objective is the design of obligate but realistic models encompassing anonymity, dynamism, and/or malicious behavior. Our second objective is to evaluate both the theoretical power, and the practical functionality, of these models, by confronting them to their ability of designing efficient algorithms and protocols for dynamic and malicious environments. This evaluation will be tackled in two complementary application domains: wireless sensor networks, and peer-to-peer systems. The primary outcome of SHAMAN should be the demonstration of reliable middleware bricks that could be integrated in real distributed platforms.

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