Networking Education During and After the Pandemic, The Networking Channel, October 2021.

Making The Transition to Take-Home Exams, at Sorbonne Université, June 2021.


Online Teaching amid COVID-19: The Case of Zoom, Educon2021, April 2021.

Zoom & Moodle, une étude temporelle et comportementale, at Sorbonne Université Capsule Impromptus, December 2020.

What Is Zoom Not Telling You, SIGCOMM Workshop on Education, August 2020.

Previous Presentations

  • People and Data Share a Ride for a Better Internet, Invited Presentation, The 14th Asian Internet Engineering Conference (ACM AINTEC'2018), nov. 2018, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Mobility-Assisted Networking, Tutorial, The 14th Asian Internet Engineering Conference (ACM AINTEC'2018), nov. 2018, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Mobility-assisted Data Transmission Systems for Offloading and Extending Conventional Communication Networks, Invited Presentation, IEEE 7th International Conference on Communications and Electronics (ICCE 2018), jul. 2018, Hue, Vietnam.
  • Large-Scale Networked Systems, PhD course, University of Trento, jul. 2015, Trento, Italie.
  • Content Centric Networking, Tutorial, 10e édition du colloque francophone sur la Gestion de Réseaux et de Services (GRES 2014), dec. 2014, Paris, France.
  • Content distribution techniques for vehicular clouds, MobileCloud Workshop, 5th International Conference On Network of the Future (NOF 2014), dec. 2014, Paris, France.
  • Software-Defined Vehicular Backhaul, Workshop On Mobile Crowd Sensing and data Offloading in Collaborative Networks, oct. 2014, Asuncion, Paraguay.
  • Can Vehicular Networks Save the Internet from the Data Tsunami?, Keynote, 12th International Conference on Wired and Wireless Internet Communications (WWIC'2014), may 2014, Paris, France.
  • YouTube's 2 GB of Fame: Will Everyone Eventually Get World-Famous for 10 minutes?, Invited Presentation, The 6th Asian Internet Engineering Conference (AINTEC2010), nov. 2010, Bangkok, Thailand.