Title: Future Internet of Things
Type: ANR
Start date: 22 February 2011
End date: 31 December 2020
Summary: The evolution towards an ever more digital world requires tools for testing and experimenting in support of the design and validation of new technologies. These tools can be built around core technologies such as cloud and infrastructure networks but also around the “vertical” domains such as health, transport, and energy, which require data capture technologies to feed their knowledge chains.

This is why FIT provides a wide choice of technologies (Internet of Things, Wireless and Cloud) and also a single interface through which to access the system and a large number of configuration and monitoring tools.

FIT enables experimentation across a broad range of subject, greatly reduces the cost and time required to design, establish and monitor an experiment, and through testing, the robustness of the solutions is increased.
FIT’s mission is to provide a large-scale experimentation environment through the federation of testbeds that are competitive at the worldwide level, allowing to incubate advanced experiments and to stimulate of a large base of users coming from the research world as well as industry.
FIT offers large-scale state-of-the-art wireless, sensing and mobility infrastructures for any builder of tomorrow's systems and services, who wish to try out, test and validate his/her solution before implementing it in real-life. FIT platforms are located across France: in Paris, Lille, Strasbourg, Lyon, Grenoble and Sophia Antipolis. They offer easy access, a library of tools and online support for wireless and wireless sensor networks including robots. You can even plug your own devices in our testbeds and run your tests there as well.