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2020 COVID-19 Update

!!! Covid-19 update: GIG-ARTS 2020 postponed to 14-15 September 2020 !!!

Update of 2 April 2020:
New dates are now set for the Conference: GIG-ARTS 2020 will be held on Monday 14 and Tuesday 15 September 2020. Authors of selected submissions will be asked by early August at the latest (earlier if things are back to order before that date) to confirm their participation through registering. If some authors cannot make it by then, we'll turn to authors of submissions selected as a 'reserve list'. The final conference program will be published by early September at the latest.
As a consequence of the rescheduling, we had to change the venue: instead of the Vienna Press Club, the conference will be hosted at the University of Vienna, in a gorgeous room, the ‘Sky Lounge’ (see photos here and here).

Update of 25 March 2020:
As you might have expected, Covid-19 is also impacting the GIG-ARTS 2020 Conference. After having been monitoring the situation for a while, and considering the developments in most countries with the closure of universities, travel restrictions, and lockdowns, it clearly appeared that the conference cannot be held as expected on 7-8 May 2020. Here are the steps taken so far:

Postponing the conference:
We have considered the 3 possible options: cancelling the conference, holding it online, and postponing it.
Given that we were close to the end of the submissions review and selection process, we certainly didn’t want to cancel, especially considering the success of the call for abstracts and the very promising programme that we will have.
Holding an online conference is pointless for GIG-ARTS: this conference is about meeting, exchanging and sharing in a friendly atmosphere, not simply about presenting one’s work and having it discussed.
Thus, we decided on 13 March to postpone the conference to after Summer, in September 2020. Precise dates will be communicated as soon as logistics can be fully confirmed. If the conference cannot be held in September due to the sanitary situation, then it will be cancelled and replaced by publication alternatives.

Enlarging the selection process:
We fully understand that some authors of the received submissions might not be available at the new decided dates. For this reason, GIG-ARTS 2020 selection process has established three lists: a first list of submissions selected for presentation and a second list of submissions selected in reserve, in case some authors of the first list cannot make it. The third list is of course that of rejected submissions. Authors of all submissions received their respective notification accordingly, on 24 March 2020.

Delaying the program publication:
As usual, the program (and thus, the list of selected presentations) will only be published after authors of selected presentation confirm their participation through their registration. This year, this can only happen after everything is back to order all over the world. Consequently, GIG-ARTS 2020 program will only be published three weeks before the conference date.

This page will be updated as soon as we have more precise information to share, including the new dates for GIG-ARTS 2020 conference.

Keep well,
Meryem Marzouki and Katharine Sarikakis, GIG-ARTS 2020 Co-Chairs