Global Internet Governance - Actors, Regulations, Transactions and Strategies


The GIG-ARTS network is composed at this step of 19 partners, from 13 countries (10 EU and 3 third countries). The partnership list's table provides links to their respective biographical information.
The network partnership diversity is multilevel: geographical, cultural, gender-based, experience-based, disciplinary, as well as in its members' scientific approaches and interests.
Regarding the partnership relevance to the project, all GIG-ARTS members are experts in global Internet governance research, researching it through different research topics and angles, making almost all Internet governance related issues addressed by the network. In addition, most of the GIG-ARTS partners have been working on or are actively engaged in regional or global Internet governance policymaking processes and arenas. Finally, most of them serve or have served in major scholarly associations and editorial boards of relevant academic journals.
Partnership extension may be considered in the future, in terms of disciplines, geographical diversity and extension to non-academic stakeholders.