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Serge Fdida

Serge Fdida Serge Fdida is a Professor with Sorbonne Université since 1995. His research interests are related to the future internet technology and architecture. He has been leading many research projects in Future Networking in France and Europe, notably pioneering the European activity on federated Internet testbeds. He established PlanetLab Europe in 2007 and the OneLab and FIT facilities. Serge Fdida has published numerous scientific papers, in addition to a few patents and one rfc. He was one of the founders of the ACM Conext conference, general chair of ACM Mobicom 2015 and IEEE Infocom 2019. He is a Distinguished ACM Member and an IEEE Senior member. Serge Fdida has also developed a strong experience related to innovation and industry transfer, - he was the co-founder of the Qosmos company, - one of the active contributor to the creation of the Cap Digital cluster in Paris, - the recipient of the ATOS/Renault chair on Smart connectivity and the President of EIT Health France.
Serge Fdida also contributed to the governance of Higher Research and Education institutions as Vice-President European affairs of UPMC (2014-2018) and VP International Development of Sorbonne Université (2018-2021). He also was a member of CNRS National Committee (section 7), the Evaluation committee of INRIA and the LERU Policy Committee.
He is currently coordinating SLICES, the first scientific instrument in Digital Sciences, supported by the EU ESFRI framework and is a co-founder of the Hopcast startup company. 

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Office: Tour 26-00 1st floor, Office 111


+33 (0) 1 44 27 30 58


serge (dot) fdida @ sorbonne-universite (dot) fr 

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