Exemples of Achievements

I have been balancing Research, Innovation and Governance


Cap Digital Cluster

I was one of the Founder of this cluster dealing with the digital transformation of our society, established 11 years ago!



Our new startup company enabling and efficient D2D communication, and saving data and energy.


Qosmos company

While at UPMC, I was a co-founder of the Qosmos startup company, a leader in DPI and packet classification. Acquired by ENEA


Digital Infrastructures Test Platforms

I have been pioneering the federation of internet testbeds. ESFRI SLICES RI is our success to enter the ESFRI 2021 roadmap

Involvement in EU projects and policy


Sorbonne Université

I have been, until december 2021, VP International Development of Sorbonne University, Prior, I was VP European Affairs for 4 years


Alliance 4EU+

I have been coordinating the successful proposal submitted to the European University call of the DG Education together with the colleagues of Charles, Copenhagen, Heidelberg, Milano and Warsaw. It deals with deployment of EU policies related to mobility of students, staff and faculties, as well as innovative education, integration between research and education, etc...


Coordination of 8 EU projects and participation to 18 EU projects

I have been playing a leading role in various EU research projects related to the future internet. This account for a very large funding for our community in addition to national initiatives.
It materialized by a large number of impactful publications and realization


EIT Health

I was coordinating the team to create the EIT Health community in France. I was the President of EIT Health France from 2014 to 2021.

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