Acronym: EMPOWER
Title: EMpowering transatlantic PlatfOrms for advanced WirEless Research
Type: H2020
Start date: 01 November 2018
End date: 31 October 2021
Summary: EMPOWER has the ambition to accelerate the joint development between the EU and the US of advanced wireless platforms targeting the new connectivity frontiers beyond 5G. EMPOWER targets the creation of a joint EU-US advanced wireless ecosystem for (i) bridging the relevant EU-US Wireless communities and stakeholders, such as scientific researchers, platform engineers, standardization experts, regulators, and product incubators; and (ii) developing a strategic EU-US collaboration agenda and supporting its execution ahead of worldwide competition for beyond 5G connectivity standards. EMPOWER foresees twinning with the best researchers and practitioners involved in projects funded by USA, especially with entities participating in the PAWR programme (https://www.advancedwireless.org/). EMPOWER will provide instruments for inducing collaboration between ongoing and forthcoming 5G and beyond initiatives targeting at wireless networks experimentation on both ends of the Atlantic. Through the EMPOWER instruments we aim to create an efficient means for stimulating the mobility of ideas and people between European and similar American experimental wireless platform initiatives. We also aim at encouraging stronger collaboration between fundamental and experimental wireless researchers by making access to platform tools and data exchange simpler. EMPOWER instruments will also provide a wealth of information for global and regional standards and regulatory organizations (e.g. ITU-R, ETSI) and industry for a (e.g. NGMN). An important output of EMPOWER will also be in the form of recommendations on technologies and experimentation methodologies for future wireless experimentation objectives. This will assist in providing coordination between EU (FP9) and US NSF programmes for future individual and joint calls.