Research at the Networks and Performance Analysis group focuses on the Internet of the future. Our vision is of an autonomous, reliable, high-performance, and secure pervasive network.

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  • Ami Paz (IRIF) - Redundancy in Distributed Proofs

    12/12/2018, 10h30, LIP6 24-25 room 405 Title: Redundancy in Distributed Proofs Abstract: Distributed proofs are mechanisms enabling the nodes of a network to collectively and efficiently check the correctness of Boolean predicates on the structure of the network (e.g....

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  • Impact of Man-In-The-Middle Attacks on Ethereum

    Abstract:: Recent theoretical attacks conjectured the vulnerabilities  of mainstream blockchains through simulations or assumption violations. Unfortunately, previous results typically omit both the  nature of the network under which the blockchain code runs and whether blockchains are private, consortium or public....

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  • "Taking Turing to the Theater" - Zvi Lotker

    Abstract:: Computer science has grown out of the seed of imitation. From von Neumann's machine to the famous Turing test, which sparked the field of AI, algorithms have always tried to imitate humans and nature. Examples of such ``imitation...

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    • FP7 MOTO Video

      FP7 MOTO is a cool project that proposes mobile offloading techniques to help operators face the data tsunami problem.

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