Dr. Prométhée Spathis is an associate professor at Sorbonne Science since 2005. He received a B.S. in 1997, and an M.S. in 1999 from Université Pierre et Marie Curie. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Université Pierre et Marie Curie in 2003. He received his HDR (Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches) in 2016.

He has a 20-year-long experience in Education. He has started in 1998 as a university educator, teaching computer science courses for initial and continuing training programmes. He has contributed to the development and implementation of courses for the Bachelor and Master programs in Computer Science. Over the years, he has developed a special interest in designing education and training systems featuring a high degree of flexibility in response to the fast changes in ICT and to new competence requirements.

His approach to curriculum development consists in combining high-level technical expertise to hands-on practical experience according to a competence-based model. Since 2005, he has participated to the design of several university certificates, diploma, and degree programs in Computer Science and Engineering. He also serves as the Chairman of the supervisory committees and the scientific boards of university diploma and degree programs offered at UPMC. He is a permanent expert to the standing committee on Validation of Knowledge Acquired by Experience for returning adult students of UPMC. He has developed multiple exchange agreements between UPMC and other universities including Université de la Réunion within the framework of the Bachelor and the Master in Computer Science.

Regarding education international activities, Prométhée Spathis is the Education coordinator for European and International Master programs in ICT at UPMC. Since 2010, he is the French Coordinator of the Education group of the EIT KIC ICT Labs. He is the Program director for the International track of the Master of Computer Science. He has participated to the design of the French Undergraduate and Graduate Schools launched in 2009 in Vietnam in collaboration with Vietnam National University and he acts since as the coordinator of the Bachelor in Computer Science offered in Vietnam.

His current main research interests are related to the Internet technology and protocols with an emphasis on large-scale content distribution systems and sensor mobile networks. He was and is still leading or involved in many research projects in High Performance Networking in France, Europe, and South America. He has been involved in the FP7 MOTO and FP6 ANA IP projects, the ACCA coordination action, and many national research projects as a participant or the scientific coordinator including ANR DataTweet, ANR CONNECT, ANR RESCUE. He has also participated to three French scientific-technological cooperation programmes with South America.